Screen Delights.

Personalization is indeed the most powerful feature of Android. Custom ROMs, Custom made devices (Moto X), Custom Skins and so on are the evidences of variety Android can offer. Above all, it’s one of the simplest stuff, which can be done by both – newbies and pros.


As the title suggests, this post is all about screens – my setup and how-to.

Getting your screenshots in the device

Presenting your preparation or screenshots with device frame makes them look awesome. One can do that through 3 ways.

Get yourself an app: There are quite a few apps which provide you with Device frames and generate the required results directly. User needs to just select the image. Two of my favorites are Screen Maker and Device Frame Generator. Since both of these are paid, I would recommend Screen Maker as it provides frames of more devices.

Via PSD: Certain people aren’t comfortable with choosing the easy path and hence, should go with PSDs of their devices.

Web Services: PlaceIt, AAS, DAG and MockUPhone are certain web services which just ask you for screenshots and return the desired

Xperia P Custom

Customizing your Screen, My way

Launcher: Action Launcher Pro

Widgets: Power TogglesTimelyVapor Ice

Wallpaper: Fuzz

Icon Pack: Click UI

After having done this, refer to this post on how to theme your phone like a boss without any Custom ROM.

Xperia P Custom