The Good Old Wine.

Older the wine, better it tastes. The same is with my blog.

Be afraid not for it’s not a post on wine – but on the latest sweet in the market. Let me be clear (before I lose any reader) – this is a post on L transformation.

L transformation on 4.4
L transformation on 4.4

Lollipop has been around in the news for quite a long period. But, as usual, we, the commoners, have to buy nexus  or wait for an alternative. And I vote for the latter.

Disclaimer: Getting a perfect feel about 5.0 is impossible as there’s no trick to completely get the animations correct. However, the rest is possible.

Follow the steps to taste the never-tasted-before candy!

Google Apps
Google Apps
  • Now, you need to set up Nova Launcher-
  1. Navigate to Drawer settings and check the Cards option. And make sure other settings are in accordance with the ones in the screenshot.
  2. Navigate to Look and feel in Nova settings and chose  Moonshine (Stock ROM users only) as Icon Theme.
Nova Settings
Nova Settings

It’s a dead end for unrooted Stock ROM users. This is the LMAX  for you guys. Sorry folks!

If your phone is rooted, make sure you have Xposed Module and this module installed. Tinted Status Module helps you to set up the color of status bar with every app you have installed on your device.

Tinted Statusbar
Tinted Statusbar

Key to happiness is a Custom ROM 

Those who have identified this mantra only shall proceed.

One requires the following two themes installed: Free Mianogen and IdeaL Theme X.

Peek-a-boo: Animations!

Proceed to Themes, select IdeaL Theme X and check the following properties.

IdeaL Settings
IdeaL Settings

Now, visit Free Mianogen and just check the Icons option.

Finally, just set up the downloaded wallpapers, sounds and reboot your phone (do not miss the boot screen!) to witness the perfect unwrapping of your candy!




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