Making A Fake Installer.

Whenever we want to install a software, we simply run the executable file and start working with that piece of code. In this post, I’ll show you how to make an installer, without any programming.

Note: The product of entire process described below isn’t an installer in true sense, but will help newbies get an idea of how an installer works. And you must have WinRAR installed on you PC.

I’m going to describe the steps by using an example.

I want to create an exe file which installs fonts on my system. So, here’s how you do that!

Step 1: Select the fonts you want to incorporate in your installer. Click the right button and select Add to archive.1

Step 2: Give your file a suitable name in Archive Name Text Field and check the Create SFX Archive.


Step 3: Proceeding to the Advanced tab, click on SFX Options.


Step 4: In General tab, enter the path where you want the files to be installed. Since I want my fonts to be installed directly I chose Windows/fonts


Step 5: Go to License tab, and fill in the required text fields


Step 6: Go to Text and Icon tab. Fill in the required text fields. In the same window you’ll observe Customization options. Select the *.bmp images for the logo and *.ico files for your icon. Proceed by clicking the OK button.

Note: I recommend PSDGraphics to design the logo


Step 7: You can password-protect your installer.


Step 8: After finishing Steps 1 -7, it’s time to give a finishing touch. Make yourself a license file, a read me file and some other deceptive stuff. After finishing off, with these, make another archive, as *.zip , and add all these content together. Make sure you Credit the developer who owns that content and of course, me, who helped you out with this!

I’m providing few of my installers.

Download 1

Download 2

Download 3


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