Pulse: An RSS Reader.

Add any website to Pulse: The Ultimate News App.

Pulse needs no introduction. It’s one of the finest and best news app available for any OS, be it Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and as a web app.  It streams all the content you want, from all sources at a single place. That is why, it’s a favorite of many, including me.

One can add the sources from which data should be retrieved but there’s a limitation. Only popular websites are available as options. What about other blogs or sites? Pulse developers seem to have considered this. Yes, you can use Pulse as an RSS Reader and add any site or blog you desire. You can also add YouTube Channels.

Screenshot from 2013-07-21 02:34:59

A GeekSpecs Article in Pulse.

Just follow the two steps and make Pulse your complete knowledge hub.

Step 1: Go to Add Content tab, which should be with the current pages menu. Proceed to Add New Content to Pulse and type the website’s name in the search bar, that you want to add. Refering to the screenshot below, I have searched for GeekSpecs Meet Vora  or  GeekSpecs WordPress, which successfully shows my blog. And do not worry about the page it shows. Just add any search result you see.

Screenshot from 2013-07-21 02:36:06

Pulse:Web App


Pulse:Android App

Step 2: Add any YouTube Channel you desire. I’ve demoed the feature with ERB.

Screenshot from 2013-07-21 02:48:35

So, there you are, having Pulse transformed into an all-option service.

For those who haven’t tried out this awesome service, here are the links.




Web App

Transfer Data across Android and iOS Devices.

Every single person on the planet knows how good iOS and Android co-ordinate, in terms of data transfer between the two. Pairing your iDevice with Android Device via Bluetooth can be a pain in the neck. So people go with the other obvious solutions: Email the files to themselves, upload it to cloud, Bump! it or some other methods I am unaware of. But these are very inefficient, time consuming and waste your limited data plan.

Fast File Transfer is the probably the best application I’ve ever come across for this purpose. The only thing bad about it is, that it’s available only in the Google Play Store. Thus, one can only send files from Android to iOS.

It works on principle of WiFi Tethering, It creates a WiFi HotSpot and allows you to connect other devices, including other Android devices and iDevices. When the Recipient Device is connected to its WiFi Network, the user can access the files on the Sending Android Device.

Note: It doesn’t require Internet.

Up to 20x speed of Bluetooth.
No need for a common WiFi connection.
The receiver does not have to have the app installed.
Send single or multiple files.
Displays QR codes for faster receiving.
Use NFC for pairing (in beta stage).

For Android to Android Transfer, there’s another app: SuperBeam, which works flawlessly. I don’t know why, but I prefer to use SuperBeam for A-A Data Transfer, though Fast File Transfer works fine.