Disposable Emails Address.

There’s always a time when we need a temporary and disposable email address. And in this post, I’m gonna discuss the same.

One can create temporary email id and receive emails at that address. Dispostable works like a charm. Here, you don’t need any password to check your inbox.
It works on a simple principle “open Email ID”.


The biggest advantage of the service is Spam Free Inbox. Users can use their @dispostable.com Email IDs to sign up at websites which may spam your inbox.


If a group of people share a common Email address, this website would allow all of them to access their mails without any password. Secondly, users can’t send emails, so the possibility of one using the group Email ID in wrong way.

There are other providers too, like AirMail offer same service, but I prefer the former because its lighter and faster.