Web Apps on Android.

Yes, they’re are finally here!

I decided to pause my blog for a span of 6 months, as I needed to prepare myself for IIT JEE: A major entrance exam in India. But then this release made me break my vow.
I’ve had waiting for this time and finally they’re here.

Just like my earlier post on web apps, you simply require a browser: Chrome Beta or Firefox.

In case of Firefox, you have a dedicated web App Store, which contains all apps that are supported in Firefox OS, while Chrome allows you to save the link as a web app, like we’ve been doing on desktop.

Using web apps on smartphone is indeed a great idea. Such apps are beneficially for those devices with low internal storage (example: HTC Explorer which has only 90 MB) or with those facing RAM Management issues. For instance, I hardly use the Facebook for Android App, but the app consumes at least 43 MB of RAM, while running in background , which surely is a disappointment.

Making web apps on Chrome Mobile (Credit for Screenshot: CNET)


Firefox OS App Store.

Now, if you are die hard fans of web apps, I would recommend you to update to the latest Chrome in Beta channel, as it permits you create any web app, while Firefox currently has limited apps in the store, but it should grow more as their usage increases.

Here it is, the best underrated feature for mobile browsers.

To install web apps on Linux, Windows or Mac, refer this.

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