Google Play Books: Read any PDF.

The Play Books App for Android is one of the finest and best eBooks reader. The fluidity and certain awesome features, such as the dictionary, make it an all time favourite app for many users. However, only a few people know that it could read any PDF you want, not just an eBook. Also, you can use it to read any eBook which isn’t available in the Play Store.

To do so, firstly visit the Play Store and proceed to Books.


Navigate to the Uploads tab, and proceed to Upload a file.

Here, you need to upload the PDF file or the required eBook.

This approach seems to be a lengthy one, specially for those who read extensively on mobile devices. Here, you can take advantage of the fact that the required files can be uploaded from Google Drive. You can as well upload the file from your Android Device using the Drive App.

Simply, upload the file to Google Drive and access it from the window. And wait as the file is being processed.


Now it’s the time to revisit your Play Books App, where you shall find the file. Thou shall now read it as a regular Google Play purchased eBook with the same awesome features.

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