If This Then That.

That’s a vey weird title, isn’t it? It’s simply the name of the best web service in entire WWW domain. It’s commonly referred as IFTTT.

It works on a simple principle; Action and Reaction.
It allows you to set up triggers, which are the stimuli and generates the required response.

The combo of these two forms a Recipe. And the streamed flow of action control is termed as channel.
You can set up personalised channels and associate almost all web services available.
For example: Facebook to Twitter.
This recipe will allow you to post your Facebook update as a tweet in your twitter account without your permission.
Thus IFTTT eases out your work to a great extent.

IFTTT currently has 65 channels including almost all popular services like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, Pocket, and Evernote. It also allows you to send notifications from one channel to another. Example: you can set up a recipe wherein you shall receive a text message on your mobile phone if its going to rain tomorrow or receive a text message if you receive any new email.

Few of my favourite recipes are:
1) Tweet my Facebook status.
2) Save videos liked on YouTube in Pocket.
3) Weather Conditions pushed to Pebble SmartWatch.
4) Email to SMS.
5) Lifehacker Posts sent via Email.

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