Efficiently manage RAM on Android without any App.


Every Android user out there is in need of 2 types of apps, or say configurations. Today, I’m going to deal with the first one: RAM Management. I shall disclose the second in my next going-to-be-soon post.


You don’t need any app to do this! But you must have an Android smartphone that runs on Android 4+ [ ICS OR JB].

Go to Settings and then Developer Options.


Scroll down and choose Background Process Limit.


Choose Four Processes at most.


There you are!! Your system will see to it that not more than 4 apps are active at the same time.
Note: Do not use this method if you are a heavy multitasker.
If you don’t multitask at all, then make sure you even check the Don’t Keep Activities Option.


2 thoughts on “Efficiently manage RAM on Android without any App.

  1. I’ve been using Advance Memory Manager app with some success but this seems to immediately make my HTC Thunderbolt faster! Thanks,

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