Designing your Unity.

Ubuntu is an Open Source OS based on Debain Linux. Linux, as you all think is meant for geeks, but the fact is, that it isn’t. It’s just like any other popular OS available but much stable, and Hardware efficient.

Just like Android, developers and average users can tweak it, in looks and functionality. Such different pseudo-versions are called distributions, commonly referred as distros. Ubuntu is such a distro, developed by Canonical and also is the most popular Linux Distro.

In this post, I’m gonna help you out to personalize the Unity launcher. Unity is the default interface shell on Ubuntu. There are other shells like Gnome and Cinnamon. I prefer to use Unity and so here you go!

Go to Ubuntu Software Center and search for “GNOME Tweak Tool” and/or “Unity Tweak Tool” and install it.

  • Open and go to GTK3 tab and download whatever you like there.
  • Open file manager, go to preferences (either via setting or simply press the alt button and type preferences and check the “show hidden files and folder” check box)
  • Unzip the downloaded themes to .themes and icons to .icons in home dir.
  • If such folders don’t exist, create them!
  • Open Tweak Tool, and go to Theme tab.
  • Set the theme in the three theme options.
  • Gnome Tweak ToolLog out and log in.

    If you like some widgets and stuff, install Conky and download few themes for it.

    Here’s a screenshot of my Desktop Prep.


    A lot of people have been asking me about my set up. Here are the links.

    Name of the theme: Plane-Gtk3.6

    Icon Pack: Nitrux OS.

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